Crows – Roosts

I only learned of this ritual about three years ago now. Driving along Riverside driving west towards Bank street and seeing every branch of every tree lined with crows. It was kinda startling seeing tens of thousands of crows bustling between the trees together. Beating any scary bird scene in any horror movie. I was already teasingly called a bird lady…as i’ve mentioned, I love feeding and hanging out with geese and ducks, so to discover this was awesome. Insisting on going to seeing them again and again only cemented the name.  Must be 50 times by now.

Coming home I scoured the internet and didn’t really find much about it. Just a side mention in a blog basically.

It mentioned they generally slept at the General Hospital between November and approximately April. As soon as it starts to warm up it’s done.

The birds do not always go to the same places, what makes them decide that day is only known by them.  Fortunately you can often find the travel paths in the sky and follow them yourself to the rooost.  Tho, not being a bird, it’s sometimes tricky to navigate the proper roads.

More to come….

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Thanksgiving in Canada

To me, Thanksgiving is a time for reflection. A time to truly contemplate on what I have, and to which I should be thankful. Being born in Canada has always topped that list. I haven’t been to many places to compare, but I like the calmness of Canada compared to many of the violent countries. Though, it does feel like Canada is catching up some days.

I hope you get to enjoy a grand feast with loved ones. But, please remember, the feast is secondary, and time with loved ones always ranks first.

The Thanksgiving we celebrate was implemented on January 31, 1957. Parliament announced that the second Monday of the month of October would be the official ‘Thanksgiving Day’. It was declared as “a day of general Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed.”

Past history refers to coming together to be thankful for that year’s harvest. Although, back in those days, they were probably more thankful all the harvesting was finally done. Another good thing to be thankful for is being born in a time of microwaves and running water. Thank you! Being a female before running water must have been challenging.

Here in Canada Thanksgiving has more of a celebratory Pagan feel to it than the American Thanksgiving, which honors pilgrims finding them and is celebrated approximately six weeks later, due to the later harvest time.

Thanksgiving is often a time to entertain, so here’s some helpful links to make the day run smoothly:

Gobble gobble!

all — Generally I can find multiple recipes for near anything I could want.
— Thanksgiving pictures to colour.
— Crafts to keep the kids busy.

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Falling for Fall

Autumn is my second favourite season. I still prefer watching nature come to life rather than die, but it still is beautiful.  Mother Nature sure does put on quite a show for us.

Leaves, the return of the crows, and Thanksgiving;  what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, it also means Winter is next.  To me, that’s pretty nasty, but I won’t whine already.

One of my favourite nature places in the city is Petrie Island.  Trim and the 174.  Best of all is that the pay meters have been put away, so parking anywhere in the park is free until around May.  It’s very close to our home, and I frequent it – well – frequently, while watching the seasons change, and Autumn is starting to fall in again.


It’s a lovely sight seeing the trees slowly enveloped in bursts of wonderful colours.  Red is my favourite colour.

Petrie has it’s share of wildlife, but not including geese or ducks unfortunately.  I always have fun feeding the babies in the Spring,  but it’s very frowned upon these day, and I’ve been lectured by young and old at various parks on the times I thought I’d ignore the signs.

Petrie Island has lots of waterfront for fishing and boats, and there are two beaches. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any pictures of any of the birds yet, but there are many different types fluttering between trees.





DSCF1107 DSCF1106 this is a muskrat.  Honest!

It really does feel like the middle of nowhere, which is something I love.

I can’t really talk about leaves in Ottawa without mentioning Gatineau Park.


  Let me know in comments, where your  favourite spot to see leaves is in the Ottawa – Gatineau area.

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In the beginning


I’m Midge.  Welcome to my blog.  Don’t let the title trick you, I am not a know it all.  What Midge knows involves much living, surfing, reading, and time, and is an eclectic mix of whatever is prominent in my thought such as various topics that I have generated an interest in, or an opinion of, and that I thought you might as well. 🙂

I’m a married mom from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

If you’d like to say hi.  

<== click there.  I’d love to hear from you.

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