“About Time”, Universal, main release date is Nov 8, 2013

I won passes from Majic 100.  Thanks for the nice evening with my daughter!  Only time I go to movies is when they are free.

This was my first pre-screening of a movie organized by Majic 100, CTV, and 93.9 Bob and reflecting back now I realize I became slightly stressed based on past experiences with other radio stations.  In turn, perhaps being unfair to the gentleman at the ticket booth. See Majic didn’t leave our names <there was another couple as well>  and I started getting stressed after waiting 35 minutes and tried to convince the guy I should get in based on my twitter info.  I won the tickets through twitter.  Plug time.  Please follow me @midgeknows

It was 25 minutes to the start and we like to see the movie trailers <hold that thought>.  So I got fidgety waiting for the Majic girls to return from moving their car or something, thinking the theater was getting crammed like they’d always been… lol.. well that was never an issue here, but who knew.  Fortunately, it all worked out in the end when spare passes were shared. Thanks for those too. The Majic girls did come back.

The Empire Seven was closed for the evening, literally, there was no movie trailers or singing popcorn boxes, the concession was closed and we were told there was no cleaners so please help out… which is fine, people shouldn’t just leave their garbage on the floor anyway, it was just odd to hear at a theater.

The Empire Seven is in the process of changing hands of management, fyi.  It does reopen regularly Oct. 31.

I’d guess maybe 150/200 people were there watching “About Time”.  Emmy award winning, Richard Curtis writes and directs this  simple but upbeat romantic comedy.  Rachel McAdams and  Domhnall Gleeson each hold their own and keep your interest through the just over two hours of heart tugging fun.  The theater was often filled with the sounds of bellylaughs and even had me chuckling a few times.  I’m a tough nut, being a writer, I often see what’s coming from the way the writer works the dialogue.

Filmed in both Cornwall and London, UK, Tim Lake, played by Gleeson, learns from his father, at the age of 21, that he has the capability of time travel, and then proceeds to attempt to redo life until it’s prefect.  Only to learn, like with everything in life, there are limitations, and sometimes you have to take the bad with the good.

There is a scene involving dark dining which is amusing, and that’s where he meets Mary, played by McAdams.  The love of his love, but it takes a bit of manipulation for that to happen spontaneously.

I’m really not a Sci Fi fan, which time travelling would fall under,  I tend to want to debate the what ifs of the writers’ choices of the rules they pick to follow.  Like I see no reason why Tim couldn’t still see his dad, as long as the conception time never changed, however, it’s Richard Curtis’ movie, not mine 🙂 and I understand the need for story lines.  I’d like to hear your opinions, please leave them in comments!

Here, for you, is a link to the movie trailer.

I don’t see it knocking any movies out of at least the top seven spots in the weekend takes, but it’s a nice time if your a movie goer. 3/5

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