Zombie Walk 2013 – Oct 27, 2013

DSCF1096 DSCF1105

Undead fans converged upon MacDonald Gardens Park in droves.  Nurses, robots, brides, ninja, even Santa rose from the dead to trudge their way through the streets to Parliament Hill.  Great turnout.  My estimate is 1500 people.  I look forward to seeing what’s reported and how close I am. I’m a little bit competitive.

Zombie King, was the MC and showed enough enthusiasm to keep us all interested and shared many tips at the Zombie School.  Tho, what was he wearing lol.

Free makeup was offered to anyone wanting to transform and take a walk on the wild side.

Kudos to Audrey’s Costume Castle and Dancewear.  They embodied each person’s inner Zombie quickly and concisely with gruesomely Great results.  Just needed a mirror to see it afterward.  Oh and garbages for those little mouth blood containers.. saw many on the ground.

Here’s two wonderfully wicked examples.



One girl organized her birthday party around the event, each member of the party dressed up.  Sounds fun!  Left me wondering what type of cake the mother might have made if she was keeping the theme.DSCF1086  Happy Birthday from @MidgeKnows!

It was great to see a van nearly full from all the food donations for @ottawafoodbank.  Nice knowing Ottawa can be so generous!

Thanks again to Chez106 giving the crowd a Car Adapter for USB. <That was free too>

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Here’s more pics of all the fun.




DSCF1103I don’t recommend sitting on his lap.

I wish I was rich, they were selling Commemorative T-Shirts for the “Zombie Walk 2013”, I would have liked one.  $20 isn’t a bad price.   The buttons the lady was making were cute too.   They were also selling Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies, should you still be interested.

Fun times were had by all!

Here was the route…starting at MacDonald Gardens Park.


if you’re looking for more pics check out here http://ottawaphotography365.com/2013/10/ottawa-zombie-walk-2013/

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