Twitter.. have any tips for a newbie?

It’s where I’m spending alot of my time these days, trying to find followers.  @midgeknows that’s me.  I only follow 359ish right now.  And the tweets are endless…presently with the selection of pages I follow, around 3 am is when it slows to a trickle of only 100 or so an hour, manageable.   It’s certainly made me feel that most celebrities etc do not read their tweets.  They must just jump in and out of the mass answers.  I suppose many have helpers that read and sort.  The information is endless.  Everything is on twitter, and being a current events junkie as I am, it’s great!

So I’m knew to all this, and I’d like your help.  Have any tips for twitter newbies?  Please tell me them. or @midgeknows

I look forward to hearing them!



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