Fury of The Fallen — Frightfully Fantastic!

Lucky for us, I was able to score four free tickets to the opening night of “Fury of the Fallen” through Chez 106’s Chez Nation Bonus Points. Chez106 doesn’t offer anywhere near as many prizes as it use to, but occasionally I luck out and can get something. Nothing beats free.

Fury of The Fallen, 14+, is located within Funhaven Entertainment at 1050 Baxter Road. It’s organized by Chez 106 with half the proceeds going to the operating rooms at CHEO. Regular tickets are $10 each. There is also a Video option for $20.

The experience is quite elaborately put together, with a back story about a missing crazy girl, which is told to you just before you enter the ‘house’. It felt that was what was being explained to us to help find the girl, but honestly I could barely hear the story teller over all the back screams and groans and just lemming-ed along.

Moving room to room, within what I took to be a cannibal serial killer’s ‘house’, suspense is definitely built with the wonder of who/what’s going to be around the next bend, or about to jump out. The makeup of the ghouls and tortured souls was very well done, and each actor earnestly played their roles, adding to the excitement!

It looked fun to be a part of it all, and they are still looking for volunteers if you happen to have spare time.

I’ll admit that $10 per person is slightly high for less than 20 mins of frights, but with half of all money raised going to CHEO, it’s for a good cause.

I managed to get lost for a bit, walking in circles in the dark between the rooms and a hall that definitely squeezed tight and gave you a thrill in the struggle to get through. You’ll know where I mean when you’re there! Fortunately, someone else in my group had a ‘no man left behind’ mentality, and when they found the way, they called out for me in the dark letting me finally catch up. Lacking any sense of direction as I do, I would probably still be going around and around. I bet the werewolf was chuckling as I passed by so many times… all adding to the fun, though.

I left wishing they would have given us some type of momento. Maybe a wanted/missing poster, or at least the ticket back punched or stamped not to run up the tab. Especially since we couldn’t take any pictures for memories, which is why there aren’t any included.

Overall, a scarily fun time, and if you can spare the cash, I recommend it. Make sure you check the dates though, it isn’t open every night in the beginning.  It is open nightly the week before Halloween, and includes Nov. 1 for those that just didn’t find the time.

It truly is one of the best Haunted Houses I’ve ever been in.

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