Crows – Roosts

I only learned of this ritual about three years ago now. Driving along Riverside driving west towards Bank street and seeing every branch of every tree lined with crows. It was kinda startling seeing tens of thousands of crows bustling between the trees together. Beating any scary bird scene in any horror movie. I was already teasingly called a bird lady…as i’ve mentioned, I love feeding and hanging out with geese and ducks, so to discover this was awesome. Insisting on going to seeing them again and again only cemented the name.  Must be 50 times by now.

Coming home I scoured the internet and didn’t really find much about it. Just a side mention in a blog basically.

It mentioned they generally slept at the General Hospital between November and approximately April. As soon as it starts to warm up it’s done.

The birds do not always go to the same places, what makes them decide that day is only known by them.  Fortunately you can often find the travel paths in the sky and follow them yourself to the rooost.  Tho, not being a bird, it’s sometimes tricky to navigate the proper roads.

More to come….

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