Falling for Fall

Autumn is my second favourite season. I still prefer watching nature come to life rather than die, but it still is beautiful.  Mother Nature sure does put on quite a show for us.

Leaves, the return of the crows, and Thanksgiving;  what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, it also means Winter is next.  To me, that’s pretty nasty, but I won’t whine already.

One of my favourite nature places in the city is Petrie Island.  Trim and the 174.  Best of all is that the pay meters have been put away, so parking anywhere in the park is free until around May.  It’s very close to our home, and I frequent it – well – frequently, while watching the seasons change, and Autumn is starting to fall in again.


It’s a lovely sight seeing the trees slowly enveloped in bursts of wonderful colours.  Red is my favourite colour.

Petrie has it’s share of wildlife, but not including geese or ducks unfortunately.  I always have fun feeding the babies in the Spring,  but it’s very frowned upon these day, and I’ve been lectured by young and old at various parks on the times I thought I’d ignore the signs.

Petrie Island has lots of waterfront for fishing and boats, and there are two beaches. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any pictures of any of the birds yet, but there are many different types fluttering between trees.





DSCF1107 DSCF1106 this is a muskrat.  Honest!

It really does feel like the middle of nowhere, which is something I love.

I can’t really talk about leaves in Ottawa without mentioning Gatineau Park.


  Let me know in comments, where your  favourite spot to see leaves is in the Ottawa – Gatineau area.

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