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As my twitter profile says, I love contests! Presently tho, I have no plans of listing contests in my blog.  If you’d like to see the contests I do find and post simply follow me either at @midgeknows or  Some contests are repeated in both and some contests are only listed in one or the other.  There’s no rhymn or reason to how I list them.  Every contest listed is good in at least Ontario if not all of Canada. (tho most are void in Quebec, sucks to be them)

Instead I’ve decided to list what I do win.  In hopes the list grows and grows!  Yes, I am a dreamer.

Here is a list of the things I’ve won since I’ve started my twitter.

About Time <prescreening>  from Majic100.3

Won Oct 29, picked up at theater Oct 30

You can read about my experience and review here.

Wine And Food Show failure, still a work in progress 

Won on Nov 5, attended movie Nov 7

Marvels’ Thor: The Dark World  580CFRA <and then won the door prize, 2 teeshirts, 2 toys <err collectibles> comic, wrist band and two movie posters> yea me!

You can read my review here.

Won Nov 12 – not yet received

Congratulations Midge Knows!

It is our pleasure to announce that you are the winner of a copy of, This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & Life by Gavin MacLeod.

To claim your prize, please respond to this email with your residential mailing address (where you would like your prize shipped to). Once we receive your address, we will send out your prize shortly. If you are unable to claim your prize, an alternate winner will be chosen.

Again, congratulations on winning a copy of This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & Life.


Gavin MacLeod’s Crew

And hopefully the list continues to grow!  No joke, I must have entered over 400 contests in the past three weeks.

Leave me a comment telling me what you’ve won online <or anywhere>

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Marvels’ Thor: The Dark World, November 8, 2013

I won passes to the pre-screening of Marvels’ Thor: The Dark World, at Silver City from 580CFRA.  Was able to pick up the tickets beforehand and have no stress this time.  Unlike with My “About Time” Experience.  Thanks for that! Fortunately I’m an unemployed bum right now, made having to pick the tickets up downtown on the Byward market not as inconvenient as it sounds.

Like last time we got there an hour early, and good thing, the line was already wrapped down to the end of the hall and they were having people line up in one of the empty movie theaters. I estimate about 250 people were ahead of us, but we still got great seats.

To anyone that’s followed me, you’ll know I’m not really a fan of Super Hero/Sci Fi type stuff.  But it is in 3D and was free, my favourite.  Also, Thor, Chris Hemsworth, is certainly not hard to look at.  No doubt there are many females jealous of Thor’s mortal love interest, Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman.

The audience had alot of fun watching the movie.  Listening to them laugh, cheer and even clap as Thor hammers his way through each realm ending predicament to  triumph in the end?  Actually I’m not giving any spoilers at this point!  Know there is no lack of action as tempers flare more than once between wicked Loki, Tom Hiddleston, and Thor. Why can’t we all just get along? For funny story lines that’s why!

Super hero movies are easier to tolerate these days, good comedy is intertwined with the fantasy.  Kat Dennings once again plays a typical wise ass crass talking hipster,  I guess when it works well, run with it.  A few cameos charge up the action as well.

It’s odd that they are Godlike beings with super powers, yet die from a stab wound.  But I’ve said too much!

People even showed up in costume to the theater.  Young and old came portraying their best homage to Thor.

I predict Super Hero fans will converge in droves to see Thor: The Dark World pushing it into first place in the Box Office ranking for it’s first weekend release.

I give the movie 4/5 and make sure you don’t dart out at the beginning of the final credits.  You’ll look like such a newb.

Also, if you’re not watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. you may want to start, rumour has it a future episode “will pick up the pieces” of Thor: The Dark World.  Here is SHIELD’s twitter.

one trailer i found

another trailer I found

if you want even more trailers click here

On a side note I won one of the door prizes.  2 tee-shirts.  One is @freeloki, and two movie posters,  a comic and 2 toys too lol.  Yea me 🙂  Think I could sell the movie posters?  Let me know in comments.   Also, please follow me @midgeknows.

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“About Time”, Universal, main release date is Nov 8, 2013

I won passes from Majic 100.  Thanks for the nice evening with my daughter!  Only time I go to movies is when they are free.

This was my first pre-screening of a movie organized by Majic 100, CTV, and 93.9 Bob and reflecting back now I realize I became slightly stressed based on past experiences with other radio stations.  In turn, perhaps being unfair to the gentleman at the ticket booth. See Majic didn’t leave our names <there was another couple as well>  and I started getting stressed after waiting 35 minutes and tried to convince the guy I should get in based on my twitter info.  I won the tickets through twitter.  Plug time.  Please follow me @midgeknows

It was 25 minutes to the start and we like to see the movie trailers <hold that thought>.  So I got fidgety waiting for the Majic girls to return from moving their car or something, thinking the theater was getting crammed like they’d always been… lol.. well that was never an issue here, but who knew.  Fortunately, it all worked out in the end when spare passes were shared. Thanks for those too. The Majic girls did come back.

The Empire Seven was closed for the evening, literally, there was no movie trailers or singing popcorn boxes, the concession was closed and we were told there was no cleaners so please help out… which is fine, people shouldn’t just leave their garbage on the floor anyway, it was just odd to hear at a theater.

The Empire Seven is in the process of changing hands of management, fyi.  It does reopen regularly Oct. 31.

I’d guess maybe 150/200 people were there watching “About Time”.  Emmy award winning, Richard Curtis writes and directs this  simple but upbeat romantic comedy.  Rachel McAdams and  Domhnall Gleeson each hold their own and keep your interest through the just over two hours of heart tugging fun.  The theater was often filled with the sounds of bellylaughs and even had me chuckling a few times.  I’m a tough nut, being a writer, I often see what’s coming from the way the writer works the dialogue.

Filmed in both Cornwall and London, UK, Tim Lake, played by Gleeson, learns from his father, at the age of 21, that he has the capability of time travel, and then proceeds to attempt to redo life until it’s prefect.  Only to learn, like with everything in life, there are limitations, and sometimes you have to take the bad with the good.

There is a scene involving dark dining which is amusing, and that’s where he meets Mary, played by McAdams.  The love of his love, but it takes a bit of manipulation for that to happen spontaneously.

I’m really not a Sci Fi fan, which time travelling would fall under,  I tend to want to debate the what ifs of the writers’ choices of the rules they pick to follow.  Like I see no reason why Tim couldn’t still see his dad, as long as the conception time never changed, however, it’s Richard Curtis’ movie, not mine 🙂 and I understand the need for story lines.  I’d like to hear your opinions, please leave them in comments!

Here, for you, is a link to the movie trailer.

I don’t see it knocking any movies out of at least the top seven spots in the weekend takes, but it’s a nice time if your a movie goer. 3/5

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Zombie Walk 2013 – Oct 27, 2013

DSCF1096 DSCF1105

Undead fans converged upon MacDonald Gardens Park in droves.  Nurses, robots, brides, ninja, even Santa rose from the dead to trudge their way through the streets to Parliament Hill.  Great turnout.  My estimate is 1500 people.  I look forward to seeing what’s reported and how close I am. I’m a little bit competitive.

Zombie King, was the MC and showed enough enthusiasm to keep us all interested and shared many tips at the Zombie School.  Tho, what was he wearing lol.

Free makeup was offered to anyone wanting to transform and take a walk on the wild side.

Kudos to Audrey’s Costume Castle and Dancewear.  They embodied each person’s inner Zombie quickly and concisely with gruesomely Great results.  Just needed a mirror to see it afterward.  Oh and garbages for those little mouth blood containers.. saw many on the ground.

Here’s two wonderfully wicked examples.



One girl organized her birthday party around the event, each member of the party dressed up.  Sounds fun!  Left me wondering what type of cake the mother might have made if she was keeping the theme.DSCF1086  Happy Birthday from @MidgeKnows!

It was great to see a van nearly full from all the food donations for @ottawafoodbank.  Nice knowing Ottawa can be so generous!

Thanks again to Chez106 giving the crowd a Car Adapter for USB. <That was free too>

Please follow me @MidgeKnows

Here’s more pics of all the fun.




DSCF1103I don’t recommend sitting on his lap.

I wish I was rich, they were selling Commemorative T-Shirts for the “Zombie Walk 2013”, I would have liked one.  $20 isn’t a bad price.   The buttons the lady was making were cute too.   They were also selling Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies, should you still be interested.

Fun times were had by all!

Here was the route…starting at MacDonald Gardens Park.


if you’re looking for more pics check out here

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Twitter.. have any tips for a newbie?

It’s where I’m spending alot of my time these days, trying to find followers.  @midgeknows that’s me.  I only follow 359ish right now.  And the tweets are endless…presently with the selection of pages I follow, around 3 am is when it slows to a trickle of only 100 or so an hour, manageable.   It’s certainly made me feel that most celebrities etc do not read their tweets.  They must just jump in and out of the mass answers.  I suppose many have helpers that read and sort.  The information is endless.  Everything is on twitter, and being a current events junkie as I am, it’s great!

So I’m knew to all this, and I’d like your help.  Have any tips for twitter newbies?  Please tell me them. or @midgeknows

I look forward to hearing them!



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Marketing at the ByWard Market

I decided to go downtown on the market to watch it wake up today. Parking is free on streets Sunday, and in many underground parking lots, ie Trade Center. But please call ahead to confirm, I’d hate for you to go for nothing.

Truthfully, I rarely go to the market to shop, gawk yes on my random drives that take me there, but shop no. Mostly it’s inconvenient since I do not live near downtown. I never considered prices that much better to travel the distance.  Tho, today I did see some good deals. I do understand that supporting local farmers is a good thing to do, but I’m not rich and need to keep my grocery budget as low as possible. When the kids were young I never came down here, occasionally to the Rideau Center for Wendys back in the day. Back then, Wendy’s was still only out on Carling so when it hit the mall I was happy. Never frozen meat really does taste better. Anyway, back to my point, I never brought the kids here. I wanted them to avoid seeing the packs of lost youth pan handling or simply sitting around smoking, hoping only just weed. But I’d heard about Oktoberfest and thought I’d take a peek.


Pulling into the parking spot on York, I did realize I was way early, lol, the ‘omm pa pa’ music probably only silenced hours before. However, this is when I had some spare time and assumed by lunch it would be revved up again.

It was still pretty quiet, most of the vendors were only just opening the cages and setting up. 


The parking spot was still fairly empty so I chanced it and drove back to Rockcliffe Park, the moon still looked quite full in the early morning sky, and I’ve always liked that contrast.


Not the best pics, my camera is old, but I like being able to see the caverns on the moon.


Back to the market I claimed my parking spot and went on another scouting looksee. There were a few people roaming around by then, but mostly it was still just vendors.

At one of the stalls there was a 904.05 lbs.  Wowzers!

DSCF1029Claire Lavoie’s stall

Security guards guarding the empty stages looked cold.

With the brisk wind it was very cold, so after once again walking up and down from Rideau to Clarence Street, and once again checking out all the remnants of Oktoberfest I returned to my car to escape the wind a bit and began this post.


I’d realized by this point I was even super early for the Market Vendors.  My memory of hustle and bustle before 9 am seemed to be actually just a dream so I decided to check out  Major’s Hill Park. Getting there moments before the Peace Tower chimed 9 am. The 9 dongs of the bell echoing through the silence.

DSCF1027 DSCF1033 DSCF1034

Wonderful view.

Beside me was the John By statue and I noticed one of those Scan thingies by its base.

DSCF1032 Apparently using your phone to scan that gives you a story about the statue.  What a great idea!  However, with my phone broke, and with no job, there’s none planned to buy.   But the concept sounds great, makes the city a museum in itself.

Walking back up Sussex to York Street, I walked past a Barber Shop and saw this:

DSCF1035Get it?  Ha!  Made me laugh out loud, but I like Christopher Walkens, I’d always thought he was an awesome actor.  But seeing him in the fun video “Weapon of Choice” FatBoy Slim made me like him even more. No I do not like Rap music.  The video isn’t really rap.

9:45 am

Noticing the parking lot was now full, I was back to the car for a brief break from the wind. Then it was another roam of the whole market.  People were starting to gather.  Luc LeDuc, the Magician was beginning to set up, so I knew that was coming.

This time past the vendors I noticed the brussel sprouts branch, it looked awesome and for only $3 I thought a great deal as well.


I seem in a minority for brussel sprout lovers. 🙂 If you dislike them, try roasting them with lemon and garlic.  Yum!


It was nice hearing all the area church bells giving a bell symphony.  I’m unsure which churches were sounding, but I’m sure there was more than one.


After a few bumps, magician Luc LeDuc performed for all 12 of us, fortunately half children, since his act was definitely for children. It was simple, but enjoyable until he began to whine he was not getting enough support from the crowd.. even saying “oh i get it you’re thinking I get paid for this”.  I just didn’t feel it professional.  He was at least humble while placing his magician hat on the ground and asking for tips.  Unlike a later busker that asked the crowd “Who here knows French”.. of course many put up their hands.. he says “good.. Poutine.. as in Put in”, and puts a bucket on the ground.  Sad, just sad.

After the show I wandered over to the BeaverTail  hut and tried a Garlic Cheese tail today. <I should have taken a picture!> Overall, I probably wouldn’t try it again.  Probably would have been better if the cheese was melted a bit, but mostly I decided the Beavertail should be sweet and will probably stick with the maple butter version.  I am curious though, if the girl who took my money should have been the one to prepare my food.  No hand cleaning necessary at Beavertails after touching money?


Over to McDonalds to use the facilities and try to send a tweet.  I thought they had wi fi, if they do, I couldn’t get it to work.  Coming out of the toilet, of course there’s  male in there washing his hands.  Typical downtown stuff.  I didn’t say anything, washed my hands and left,  I avoid interactions with apparent looking homeless people.  Seems a stereotype, but most suffer mental illness, and I prefer to avoid that. I did check, it was the female’s bathroom.

I didn’t notify anyone since he followed me out, but I was glad it was just me seeing this and not any children.


I decided to walk through the Le Moulin de Provence Patisserie  because I felt like some fudge.  At one end I did find some, but at 4.99 and 8.99 I decided I didn’t want fudge. Strolling through I saw many tasty looking treats and some jewelry too. Down at the other end where it looks like a cafeteria I peered at all the yummy desserts, debating longer than most as the prices nearly made me leave.  But then I saw it, a black forest cheese danish <should have took a picture of that too!>.  Being a fan of anything black forest, I was excited.  The girl that asked if I needed help was so friendly and polite, but the girl on the cash wasn’t and the arrogance she showed toward the one that served me was nasty. Not to mention <but I obviously am> she didn’t speak to me at all aside to tell me the total.  But I was determined to have a nice morning and moved on, enjoying my danish as I walked towards the ommm pa pa music. It was pretty tasty, needed a little more chocolate but still very good.


DSCF1040I barely made it in time to see the last performance end with a cheery announcement they’ll be back at 2.  I knew I wasn’t going to be there then, and honestly the few minutes of the music was enough really. Maybe it’s because I don’t drink beer?

Walking back towards the Vendors I walked past these guys,

DSCF1042Interesting sound. Called an Alpenhorn.

If you’re curious what they sound like,

This time with my stroll all around the market I purchased a huge cauliflower and broccoli,

DSCF1071both only a dollar each.  Both a great savings.  And a pack of pitas at the Cheese Store for dinner <left over homemade donair meat.. yum!>  Everything in the trunk, I moved on.

1:00 pm

While at the magician show earlier they advertised free walks with The Haunted Walk group.  I’d only just talked about that with my husband the evening before and was excited to get a free sample.  It ended up only being a Heritage Walk with one ghost story.  Apparently there’s a whistling ghost in the stairwell at the Chauteau Laurier.  I admit Denis, The Haunted Walk tour guide, probably taught me more in thirty minutes about the Byward Market than I learned in history classes, but I still felt mislead, nonetheless.

After the tour it was time to pack up and return to regular activities.  Overall the experience was pleasant and the vegetables look great!

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Fury of The Fallen — Frightfully Fantastic!

Lucky for us, I was able to score four free tickets to the opening night of “Fury of the Fallen” through Chez 106’s Chez Nation Bonus Points. Chez106 doesn’t offer anywhere near as many prizes as it use to, but occasionally I luck out and can get something. Nothing beats free.

Fury of The Fallen, 14+, is located within Funhaven Entertainment at 1050 Baxter Road. It’s organized by Chez 106 with half the proceeds going to the operating rooms at CHEO. Regular tickets are $10 each. There is also a Video option for $20.

The experience is quite elaborately put together, with a back story about a missing crazy girl, which is told to you just before you enter the ‘house’. It felt that was what was being explained to us to help find the girl, but honestly I could barely hear the story teller over all the back screams and groans and just lemming-ed along.

Moving room to room, within what I took to be a cannibal serial killer’s ‘house’, suspense is definitely built with the wonder of who/what’s going to be around the next bend, or about to jump out. The makeup of the ghouls and tortured souls was very well done, and each actor earnestly played their roles, adding to the excitement!

It looked fun to be a part of it all, and they are still looking for volunteers if you happen to have spare time.

I’ll admit that $10 per person is slightly high for less than 20 mins of frights, but with half of all money raised going to CHEO, it’s for a good cause.

I managed to get lost for a bit, walking in circles in the dark between the rooms and a hall that definitely squeezed tight and gave you a thrill in the struggle to get through. You’ll know where I mean when you’re there! Fortunately, someone else in my group had a ‘no man left behind’ mentality, and when they found the way, they called out for me in the dark letting me finally catch up. Lacking any sense of direction as I do, I would probably still be going around and around. I bet the werewolf was chuckling as I passed by so many times… all adding to the fun, though.

I left wishing they would have given us some type of momento. Maybe a wanted/missing poster, or at least the ticket back punched or stamped not to run up the tab. Especially since we couldn’t take any pictures for memories, which is why there aren’t any included.

Overall, a scarily fun time, and if you can spare the cash, I recommend it. Make sure you check the dates though, it isn’t open every night in the beginning.  It is open nightly the week before Halloween, and includes Nov. 1 for those that just didn’t find the time.

It truly is one of the best Haunted Houses I’ve ever been in.

Please fill in the poll and follow me @midgeknows

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